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Seneca Trail Christian Academy offers a Christ-centered education with the primary goal of educating hearts and minds for Jesus. Finding a school that provides a solid academic curriculum as well as the biblical faith and Christian values of your family can be difficult.  At STCA, we have an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and intentional integration of the Christian faith into every aspect of learning.  Your child will be encouraged to grow in their faith and become a lifelong learner.


As members of the American Association of Christian Schools and the West Virginia Christian Education Association, Seneca Trail Christian Academy offers a well-rounded educational experience that meets the needs of our students and prepares them for success at the next level and beyond.  

We utilize BJU Press curriculum at every level. For more information on BJU Press please visit



1:1 Technology

In grades 7th-12th, we have 1:1 technology instruction. Each student has their own Chromebook to use for learning.  This provides multiple benefits:

  • Increases students engagement

  • Accommodates multiple learning styles

  • Encourages collaboration

  • Provides instant feedback for teachers

  • Prepares students for the future

Limited Special Education Services

If a student applies for admission to STCA with any of the following services, the principal will evaluate the student’s previous academic plan to determine if STCA is able to accommodate the academic recommendations.

  • Special education programs

  • 504 plans

  • IEP/IAP modifications


Special education services are handled on a case-by-case basis, and STCA will attempt to meet the educational needs of a student when our abilities allow. If STCA is unable to accommodate the needs of a student, the administration reserves the right to deny enrollment.

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