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Tuition and Fees

Daycare (per child):
  • Monthly Tuition (Full-time, guaranteed spot):
    $500 a month 
  • Daily Rate (Part-time): 
    $20 up to 4 hours 
    $35 over 4 hours (considered a full day)
Billing will be sent out on the 16th of each month and is due by the end of the current month
K4-12th (per student):
  • Annual Tuition: $3750.00
  • Books and Fees: $550.00
Extracurricular Fees (per student, where applicable):
  • Athletics: $75.00 first sport, $50 each additional sport
  • Fine Arts: $50.00 

Miscellaneous Fees:
  • Hot Lunch: $4.00 per meal
  • Senior Graduation: $85 per student

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