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Dress Code (K4-12th)

The STCA dress code policy is designed to minimize classroom distractions, reduce the emphasis on outward appearances, and create school spirit. Our goal is that the dress code would not become an issue, but that spiritual and academic development would be our focus. The intent of the dress code is to train our students to realize that some types of clothing are more appropriate for specific activities than others. The type of clothing we wear can influence our attitude and behavior. The following dress code represents the acceptable mode of dress for our school and its activities. It is not our desire to be legalistic, but we recognize that some guidelines are in order. Parents should talk to their child about his/her attitude toward the dress code. We desire an attitude of “What would please Jesus?” rather than “What can I get by with?”

Parent reinforcement of the dress code is critical in helping maintain the school culture and an environment free of distractions for our teachers and students. It is each parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is dressed appropriately for school each morning. If parents or students have questions about the suitability of any clothing or style, please ask your principal for assistance. The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of clothing and appearance in questionable situations.


When in doubt regarding clothing, hairstyle, or any other part of your appearance, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I honestly trying to meet the dress code or trying to push the limits (Philippians 4:8)?

  • Have I responsibly chosen my clothing to honor God (Colossians 3:23)?

  • Am I working hard to create an atmosphere of unity for the good of the school (Romans 14:19)?

  • Am I respecting rules that have been established by school authorities (Romans 13:5)?


Official School Uniform

  • STCA embroidered polo or official STCA t-shirt. This does not include apparel received or purchased at athletic events or tournaments. All students must have at least one royal blue STCA embroidered polo shirt.

  • Boys: Khaki/black/gray pants or shorts. Blue/black/gray denim pants or shorts.

    • No sweatpants or athletic pants/shorts.

  • Girls: Khaki/black/gray pants, skirts, capris, or shorts. Blue/black/gray denim pants, skirts, capris, or shorts.

    • All shorts must be a 7-inch inseam.

    • All skirts must be no higher than 2 inches from the knee.

    • No sweatpants or athletic pants/shorts.

    • No jeggings or leggings will be allowed unless worn under a skirt.



  • All outerwear worn INDOORS (sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, or sweatshirts) must have an official STCA logo.

  • No oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, or sweaters.

  • Winter coats and jackets need to be removed when in the classroom.

  • Hats, hoods, and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside buildings.


*All clothing should be clean and free of tears and/or rips. Clothes should have no words or lettering except in the case of small brand labels.


  • Boys and Girls: Hair must be clean, well-groomed, neatly trimmed, and kept out of the face for both male and female students. No hairstyle should seek to draw inappropriate attention to oneself.

  • Boys: Facial hair is allowed but must be neatly trimmed.


  • All visible jewelry and piercings must not bring undue attention to the individual.



  • Dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, and tennis shoes are acceptable.

  • Sandals and Crocs are permitted but must fasten securely behind the heel.



Student backpacks, notebooks, or other carrying bags may not display obscene symbols, signs, slogans, alcohol, drug-related, tobacco, or degrading items.



We encourage our students to not get tattoos, as it is an adult decision and should be made after one graduates from Seneca Trail Christian Academy. If a student already has or plans on getting a tattoo that is not school appropriate, it will need to be covered while the student is on campus.


The following displays are prohibited at any school function:

  • Visible midriff or cleavage

  • Strapless tops

  • Immodest shorts, skirts, or dresses

  • Excessively tight-fitting clothing

  • Inappropriate or offensive messages/symbols on clothing or hats

  • Boys must wear shirts at all times while on campus.

Physical Education Dress Code

  • Modest athletic shorts, athletic pants, or sweatpants

  • Solid color shirt (no print)

  • Lace-up athletic shoes (no slip-on shoes, crocs, or sandals)

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